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How I Beat My Obsession With Onion Dip

Beat onion dip obsession
No onion dip for you, Bowl.
I once had an obsession with onion dip, and you might think this isn’t a big deal, except it was. Whenever a bowl of onion dip appeared, I breathlessly dunked a series of potato chips into it until the chips ran out, and then I was sad until the host or hostess ran over with more. You may be glad to know that I never stooped to double-dipping (which is gross), but I lost all self-control around onion dip. It owned me.

People noticed. Once, at a Communion party, the little girl we celebrated commented, “You are going to get sick,” after witnessing me scoop a mountain of onion dip onto a chip that nearly splintered under its weight. Embarrassed, I popped the mountain into my mouth and stepped away from the table. But I couldn’t stay away, and when the little girl went into her house to get soda, I returned to my happy spot near the bowl.

Clearly, I had a problem. When I made onion dip for my own parties (and I always made it for my own parties), I had to test it extensively before I served it to my guests. Testing onion dip is a pointless and unnecessary exercise because making it is a simple process. It involves mixing sour cream with a pre-measured packet of onion-flavored chemicals. If you mess it up, there is something wrong with you.

But there was something wrong with me mornings after I ate onion dip. I woke up looking like Henry VIII. I am highly sensitive to its unpronouncable ingredients. My face swelled up. My eyes evaporated behind pillowy slits. My fingers puffed up like cigars.

The answer to my problem arrives

I knew I had an obsession with onion dip, and I knew I had to get over it. I was on the phone one day with my friend, Alison, when the subject came up. Alison, a nutritionist and EFT practitioner (among other things), said, “You know, we can tap on that.” She led me through a couple of rounds regarding my passion for this non-food. At the next gathering where onion dip appeared, I tried it but no longer liked it.

It tasted like a bunch of chemicals.

After just a couple of rounds of EFT, I no longer liked onion dip. That was probably five or six years ago, and I still don’t like it. I continue to make it for parties (even though it is heinous) because people expect it. I test it every time, just to prove to myself that it still tastes bad. One chip, and I’m done.

If you’re struggling with an obsession with a certain food or drink, try EFT. Since achieving my own EFT certification, I’ve helped my clients eliminate obsessions with food, including chocolate, potato chips, diet soda, and other substances. Seriously, try it. You can get instructions here to learn EFT, or you can hire a practitioner to guide you. You can hire Alison, or you can hire me.

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