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“A big thanks to you Terry. I got married in October.”- Linda C.


“Hi Terry, I used your ebook and did the visualizations, and they worked great for me. I am almost 40 and just got engaged. Thanks again for your inspirational advice!” – Jen


“After 15 years of divorced life, attracting no-hopers, non-committers, drinkers, compulsive, unsuccessful men who needed looking after and generally sorting out, I used your system. I decided to shift my attention from men and my grown up children to ME! I started taking care of myself more, I filled my life with fun and friends, I made sure I came first, I became choosy, free, successful and happy . I had a great time in that period while beginning to dare to believe I could be happily married to a loving, reliable, caring, successful, suitable, fun man. And then he DID come along! He is the most devoted and wonderful man who never lets me forget that he loves me. (One of YOUR suggested affirmations). And everything fits together for the whole family!

Please keep on telling you readers there IS someone for them. It seems to me that the key is to really believe we deserve to be loved. Make ourselves happy, fit, well, full of gratitude for what we already have, sort our own lives out, find work that we love, make great homes for ourselves.. Then put out for a quality person to come and join us on our journey.

Thank you Terry, you are doing a wonderful job and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Deborah.

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