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Do Men Prefer Younger Women? Not Really

Men don’t prefer younger women, despite what you read at the check-out counter. Now, I’m aware George Clooney just became a father for the first time with his wife, Amal, a woman seventeen years his junior, but George Clooney is a celebrity. He is not the guy next door.

The media claim men prefer younger women

First of all, the media say that men are “hard wired” to seek younger women for fertility reasons. (They throw “hard wired” around a lot, also to explain why all men are programmed to cheat — another myth). The self-proclaimed authorities on this subject maintain this phenomenon exists to propagate the human race.

They want us to reduce men to lower mammals, like the ones seen mating in open fields on Wild Kingdom.

Now, I personally do not know any men who have intentionally sought younger women. I don’t know of any who’ve left a marriage for one, either. (The idea that men typically leave their wives for a younger model is another lie.)

And I’ve been around for a while. My father loved my mother and remained happily married to her until she died. Every one of my uncles stayed married to my aunts. My cousins remain married to their wives.

As for my male friends who are now divorced, I assure you, they did not leave their wives for younger women. In most cases, they didn’t leave their wives at all.

Here are some other heartening examples of men who prefer women their age

– A widowed friend of my husband is now in a serious relationship with a woman he dated as a teenager.

– A successful middle-aged single acquaintance met a local woman his age, the mother of two boys, on Match, and married her.

– A male friend regained his emotional footing after his girlfriend cheated on him and went on to marry a woman his age.

The guy next door does not prefer younger women and scoffs at men who do

Often, when an older man dates a much-younger woman, his peers don’t admire him. On the contrary, when the wife of a neighborhood man caught him cheating with a 23-year-old and divorced him, the other men in the area called him a dope.

Jealousy didn’t come into play.

“He lost everything,” said one. “And now he’s stuck with a 23-year-old girl who doesn’t know who Bruce Springsteen is!”

Then, in another case, a group of men laughed behind the back of a middle-aged friend who continually showed up to social events with a different younger woman. They considered him insecure and not overly bright.

If what I say is true, why are dating sites jammed with guys who prefer younger women?

Because there are a lot of jerks on dating sites.

Tip: If a guy poses without a shirt and wants a woman young enough to be his daughter, it means he’s a jerk. It’s not a sign that you should be discouraged about meeting the love of your life.

Know that for every jerk in the world, there’s a lovely guy out there who wants a relationship with a woman will will love him and be his best friend. He’s there for you if you’re willing to see him.

Perhaps the biggest myth about men is that they are purely sex driven and do not possess basic human emotional needs, like love. They are not allowed to cry or show weakness.

Are you pushing the right type of man away with the wrong attitude?

Some women tell me they’d be turned off if a man cried in front of them or showed vulnerability. They consider it a sign of weakness.

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel safer believing all men want younger woman, they’re all porn fiends, or they all cheat? Could this be some misguided attempt at self-protection on your part? Is it possible you’re afraid of a real relationship with a real man capable of expressing real feelings?

What’s that about?

If you face your fears, you can transcend them.You can have the relationship you say you want but has eluded you. You can meet someone who makes you happy.

But sometimes real men do date younger women

At some point, you may come across a really great guy who’s dating a much-younger woman. However, I’ll bet “younger” didn’t make the top five on his criteria when he looked for a girlfriend. I’ll bet she just happened to be someone he had a lot in common with. She turned out to someone who could be his best friend.

It’s not common, but people do sometimes fall in love with much younger people. Keep the handsome new French president in mind. Emmanuel Macron is 39. His wife of ten years, Brigitte Trogneux, is 64.

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