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How to Meet Men: A Quick and Easy Tip

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Ready to meet men? My friend, Ronnie Ann Ryan, is a dating coach who insists that the key to unlocking a quarry of good available guys is to talk to new men every day. All you have to do is smile and say hello, she says.

So, if you’re in a coffee shop, and there’s a man in the vicinity, you smile and say hello. And see what happens.

What happens if he doesn’t say hello back?

It means he’s a dud. Don’t worry about it. Smile and say hello to somebody else.

What if he does say hello back?

Ah, well, the pressure’s on now, isn’t it? You’re going to have to come up with something clever to say to keep up the conversation, right?

Not necessarily.

I am one of those introverts who says she hates small talk, but it’s a gift when you’re meeting someone new. Think of small talk as an entrance ramp to a more meaningful conversation.

My friend, Helen, who was bewitchingly successful with men, taught me this years ago. If you can’t think of anything to say, she said, “the weather always works.” So mention the weather, but keep it cheerful.

If it happens to be raining for the fifteenth day in a row, you can make a joke. “Good thing I brought my canoe,” could work. Or, just toss off an offhand comment about what a gorgeous green the grass is going to be when the sun comes out.

Whatever you do, take the pressure off. No need to whip out your resume or launch into your life story. Keep it light and see what happens.

What if you meet some jerks?

Oh, you will definitely meet some jerks. Brace yourself. I wish I could reveal a formula for spotting jerks before starting a conversation, but I don’t have one.

If, in your quest to meet men, you come across somebody who gives you the willies, trust your instincts and steer clear. Otherwise, say hello and see what happens.

According to Ronnie, dating is a sifting process. So is meeting new men. You’re only going to want to get to know some of them better.

What if you put yourself out there, and you don’t meet anybody?

You’ll meet somebody. Ronnie promises that you’ll not only meet men but you’ll meet somebody special. She says that anytime a client acted on this plan and kept it up, she found a good steady boyfriend.

You may have to say hello to one hundred men before you meet one who’s boyfriend material, but if you’re serious about finding the right guy, it’s worth it.

So, are you up for it? All you have to do is smile and say hello.

And see what happens.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my dating methods on your blog! You Rock Marie-Therese! I know we are both all about encouraging women to go for it. Finding lasting love is totally possible if you make an effort to be friendly, flirty and fun and to attract the right man into your life. We did it (yay!) so we know there’s no reason others can’t do it too 🙂

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